Service and What Remains

WPP72011-2012: Service and What Remains

I’ve talked to many families who know someone who has served.  Most commonly, they will say “He/she doesn’t want to talk about it.”  I experienced this myself.  I bottled up all my pain.  Being around other veterans and being given a way to express all those emotions released a wave of ununified art.  I began learning all these different methods to express myself and the passion I poured into these works healed me.  Now, my art has become more about why we sacrifice our lives rather than the pain endured while in service.    I still find it difficult to talk directly about my time in the military; however, my art has given me a voice.  Art gives us all a way to communicate either with or without words.  I am glad to have found my voice.  I only hope I can now use it to inspire other veterans to find theirs as well.



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