Current Work

Legos   Oil on Bondo   2017

To See or Not to See  Oil on Bondo  2017

Simon's Quality Goods  Digital  2017

I'm Out  Oil on Bondo  2016

Power  Etching  2018

Different Day  Oil on Bondo  2017

A House Divided  Oil on Bondo  2016

American Landscape  Digital  2016

Enjoy your Scone  Oil on Bondo  2016

Why Trust Simon  Oil on Bondo  2017

For Better or Worse  Etching  2018

The Truth is on The Wall  Oil  2016

Love Art  Digital  2017

Don's Locker Room Talk  Digital  2017

I Had Class  Oil on Bondo  2016

Homeowner  Digital  2017

Big Brother  Oil on Bondo  2016

More Needs to Change  Oil  2016

Apples  Oil on Canvas  2016

Superdelegate!?  Oil on Bondo  2016

Collective  Etching  2017

Wanted  Oil on Bondo  2016

Stand Together  Oil on Bondo  2017

Make America Great Digital  2017

Trust Simon  Oil on Bondo  2016